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Opinions Walmart in Merrillville (46410)

Reviewed by Shirley S.
Horrible Walmart! There's not enough help to ring up purchases. They don't have enough item selection in groceries. I've seen customers fighting in the store, which is dangerous. Management needs to address these issues and improve the store. This store is extremely busy on the weekend, and very busy the rest of the time. I avoid shopping this store.

Opinions Kmart in Rocky Mount (27804)

Reviewed by John A.
it was too sad that k-mart closed, ill like to contact terry Jackson the manager from when I work there as a 7-11, it was a fun place to work -I hope kmart can come back and be a strong force again --I work in all area of the rocky mount nc k mart, lay away, ... read more

Opinions Finish Line in Okemos (48864)

Reviewed by Burlison J.
Awful service. Wore my shoes once and wanted to return then and they didn't take them back. Brand new

Opinions Zumiez in Ventura (93003)

Reviewed by Samantha P.
Zumiez in Ventura isn't a place to shop once you like something and debating whether to get it & come multiple times workers will soon stereotype you in the future. After a while workers start treating customers very rude. I've asked to see some shoes and they were taking their time and I had to wait 20 mins after I... read more

Opinions Dairy Queen in Keego Harbor (48320)

Reviewed by Claudette J.
Worse service ever tonight, girl was very rude. I will not visit that DQ ever again.

Opinions Kmart in Peachtree City (30269)

Reviewed by David G.
Tried to exchange a 7 dollar shirt yesterday, was informed that with no receipt it was not possible. The shirt was a gift from my 25 year old son, I just wanted a xl instead of a large, the shirt still had the tags attached, so I have to asked him for a gift receipt to complete the exchange. Again... read more

Opinions Kmart in Big Bear Lake (92315)

Reviewed by Michael K.
Attempting to buy stove-dishwasher-fridge, but have questions re delivery, install & removal. Multiple calls resulted in call transfer w/no music, just total silence & no response whatsoever. Final call was made asking if Store Appliance Associate could call me back; result was I was transferred to total silence once more. Is it any wonder K-Mart/Sears is in such dire straights?... read more

Opinions Best Buy in Portland (97217)

Reviewed by Carolyn D.
I am trying to reach you by phone to let you know I've been ill and unable to pick up my order # 3. I received telling me this item will be returned to stock...please do not return it to stock. I should be able to pick it up by Friday, April 21. I have been on hold (phone) for... read more

Opinions Kmart in Desert Hot Springs (92240)

Reviewed by Stacy H.
The store manager there sucks hes rude to the employees and a complete dick.

Opinions Kmart in Port Huron (48060)

Reviewed by John S.
Kmart is an excellent store to shop in. The service is friendly and when you leave they remind you about upcoming discounts and special sales days. I haven't been to the store in port huron for years but i heard they moved. Is this true?

Opinions PetSmart in Alabaster (35007)

Reviewed by Lily V.
4/13/17 - PetSmart in Alabaster, Alabama The gentleman who asked me if I needed help happened to be the manager. I never caught his name, but he went above and beyond regular expectations of helping his customer. I could not be more pleased nor surprised.

Opinions Kmart in Conway (29526)

Reviewed by Deborah C.
I usually love Kmart. Today I was very disappointed. I stood in line for 15 minutes. I was at the register waiting to pay for my purchase. Apparently the system went down but the cashier never uttered a word to explain. Just stood there. Not to mention the temperature in the store. It is always hot in there.

Opinions GNC in Lake Oswego (97035)

Reviewed by Alesa P.
Store hours posted was 10:00-7:00pm. I was there at 10:00am and waited until 10:30 and still no employees to open the store. Called at noon and still no answer or employees... very strange.... I had to drive to another GNC to make my purchases.

Opinions Dairy Queen in Mukwonago (53149)

Reviewed by Rose K.
Blizzards are good, but they can't seem to get them all mixed up! The top third is solid candy and plain ice cream on the bottom :(. I even asked when I ordered to make sure it was mixed up. This is not a one-time thing. It is all the time. We get blizzards almost once a month.

Opinions Walmart in Eastlake (44095)

Reviewed by THOMAS R.
Yes very disappointed I spend a lot of money at this store groceries, plus prescriptions every month totaling about $2500 a month, well I'm transferring all prescriptions and my shopping to Giant Eagle and you can thank that all to Derrick nite manager of Eastlake, Ohio, Walmart

Opinions Walmart in Turlock (95380)

Reviewed by Phillip T.
Pissed off,, called last night to make appointment for oil change, they don't take appointments first come first serve arrived at 7am walked around for an hour came back saw another vehicle in my spot !! They said it was from yesterday's problem...how is that my problem ??!!

Opinions Petco in Burnsville (55337)

Reviewed by Carla B.
First thing my husband and I noticed upon entering the store was the smell. The litter boxes for the adoption cats were filthy and so was the litter box for the one rabbit the store had. They were not busy so I do not know why they could not find time to clean the boxes.

Opinions Kmart in Grand Forks (58201)

Reviewed by Kalirosealie V.
I love the grandforks kmart store,but they have such unpleasant cashiers,&the ones I don't like going in their line are,Alice,she's crabby&Ann she never smiles or says high&these two employees are so unpleasant.I always try to avoid going in their line if it can be helped.

Opinions Kmart in Oscoda (48750)

Reviewed by Russ K.
Kmart cashier from hale mi very rude would not get manager to fix clothes rack and would not ring clothes up at.sale prices Kmart needs new managers and cashiers 4/6/17 at 6 pm

Opinions Albertsons in Keller (76244)

Reviewed by Shana B.
On 3/24/17 I wanted to get a cookie cake decorated for my daughter. I had initially gone to Kroger on Beach because it was closer to me, but the ladies in the bakery were not helpful and one even said she was about to get off work. When I walked into Albertson's the manager Bret greeted me almost immediately and... read more

Opinions Costco in Commack (11725)

Reviewed by Joseph R.
Can we go back to the Kirkland Brand K-Cups Medium Breakfast Blend. The light is to light and for some the bold is to strong. The medium was great and it doesn't seem to be carried anymore

Opinions RadioShack in Mooresville (46158)

Reviewed by B. P.
I totally agree with the above comment...Will not answer phone.

Opinions Steak 'n Shake in Ocala (34470)

Reviewed by Deanna D.
We were there Sunday at 11am. Ordered 2 burgers and fries. It took 48 minutes to receive our burgers and they weren't correct. Horrible experience.

Opinions Walmart in Kapolei (96707)

Reviewed by Lori S.
Please,yes it's gr eat to see if a customer could be approached.Into seeing if they'll need any services.

Opinions Walmart in Hibbing (55746)

Reviewed by Armand H.
There is no reason a person should have to wait 45 min just to get checked out. With 24 checkout and only 3 open at a time is redickulious.

Opinions Albertsons in Oregon City (97045)

Reviewed by Tiana P.
2:30 today, dashed in for a quick few items... Grabbed them, headed to express, unloaded my items... Big mistake. The checker obviously knew the customer ahead of me and proceeded to chat, and chat. . Then the customer wandered over to the movies and started looking around while they continued chatting. Then the lady wanted cigarettes which are in a... read more

Opinions Kmart in Edgewater (21037)

Reviewed by DeJuan S.
I come to this Kmart every two weeks to cash my check and buy things I need for the next two weeks an every casher will cash my check but this one older white lady every time she See's me she says she can't cash it there's not enough money in her drawer but I've seen her cash ppls checks... read more

Opinions RadioShack in Toledo (43606)

Reviewed by Vanessa G.
I want to thank my Radio Shack Sales Rep for helping me on February 3, 2017. His name is Brandon Jones and I will continue to shop at Radio Shack, because of Brandon Jones. I bought a Sprint Smart Phone called Virgin Mobile. Thank You! Mrs. Vanessa Golston

Opinions GNC in Avon (44011)

Reviewed by Speckleberry M.
The best GNC in the area!!!

Opinions GNC in Avon (44011)

Reviewed by Speckleberry M.
Deb is awesome! She is more than helpful & has extensive knowledge of products. I highly recommend this GNC

Opinions Walmart in Pahrump (89048)

Reviewed by Gladys M.
Mr. Rodgers Greetings, Will you please inform new Customer Clerks that once my information to send money is in the computer system that I am not required to complete a new form each time. I have occasion to send money from several different states and I know that my information is stored. Angela was pretty rude about it this morning.... read more

Opinions Walgreens in Egg Harbor Township (08234)

Reviewed by Cindy A.
I was in your store in Egg Harbor last evening. I am from Northern NY and use our Walgreens often. They are friendly and always speak when entering the store. This is not at all what I experienced last evening in your store. At the check out the male cashier could not not even utter hello. The only spoken word... read more

Opinions Costco in Issaquah (98027)

Reviewed by Denise J.
I got to my car and one of the cart guys was helping people load their truck. I had five cases of water to put in my car and he came over to help me. Keegan was very nice, friendly and helpful. He went way over and above for customer service.

Opinions Maurices in Rochester (03839)

Reviewed by Tammi T.
Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Opinions Albertsons in Clackamas (97015)

Reviewed by Jacqueline Svaren S.
Rats!! This phone number ) is not correct. I keep getting "Sorry this number cannot be used"

Opinions Best Buy in Philadelphia (19148)

Reviewed by Kitty R.
Inhuman people with zero customer service. Extremely gas lighting call deflection. Horrible. Just buy things on line from the manufacturer. Time to cut out the middle man.

Opinions Atwoods in Andover (67002)

Reviewed by Flores P.
The store manager went out of his way to assist me in finding the correct air fittings for my compressor. He even attempted to help me salvage my old air connector. Thank you for going out of your way!

Opinions GNC in West Wareham (02576)

Reviewed by Abigail S.
I have never experienced such terrible service at this GNC. There used to be a gentleman that was so helpful, and engaging. I went in on Tuesday and this woman, Laurie, was just abrasive and unhelpful. She wouldn't help me with my questions, she was dismissive and seemed quite short tempered with anything I needed to know. Correct me if... read more

Opinions Dairy Queen in Auburn (62615)

Reviewed by Edith D.
went to this dairy queen and you have a clerk by the name of jennifer, long white hair. she is extremely courteous and helpfull to customers. a great work ethic and helpful to her other associates. she is diffentally a keeper

Opinions HomeTown Buffet in Covina (91722)

Reviewed by Val L.
Save your money go somewhere else! This place has REALLY got down hill. On a monday, it seems it is extremely understaffed. Many trays are empty, drink station is not stocked, there is a big hairy black dog inside( yes inside the restaurant) and one of the employees who is working directly with food is eating cotton candy as she... read more

Opinions Costco in Twin Falls (83301)

Reviewed by Theresa M.
This store is not maintained as well as many that I have been in. The restrooms are poorly kept in repair. Doors have slide bolts and nothing to hang a handbag or coat. The employees are great and cleanliness is great. I just think keeping things in good repair is must. Please don't just open and then slowly decline in... read more

Opinions Walmart in San Leandro (94577)

Reviewed by AYANNA D.

Opinions Walmart in Riverhead (11901)

Reviewed by Kim N.
Always very long lines, except first thing in morning. Need to do a better job . Only Walmart in East end. Shame can't be run more effeciently

Opinions Barnes & Noble in Idaho Falls (83404)

Reviewed by Bernetta H.
I have been very pleased with all the help from the staff when I brought my first nook & also on questions about current books or magazines that I may have -They are always friendly & patient &helpful.

Opinions Costco in Manassas (20109)

Reviewed by Bijan J.
I was first person brought my car to changing four tires and after hour they left voice mail your car lug nuts scrolling and we can't do it today, when I ask how many of them they said all of themand when I went there and ask for manager he said just 5 of them and I got them new... read more

Opinions Lids in Waterford (06385)

Reviewed by Jona S.
Great store. Great embroidery. The guys who work here are so friendly and helpful.

Opinions Best Buy in Pittsburgh (15236)

Reviewed by Rick K.
I would not recommend this Best Buy to anyone. Management wasn't concerned that I had a problem. She (the manager) suggested I shop elsewhere which really surprised me. That was my experience with this particular Best Buy and I will not be returning as a customer ever again.

Opinions Best Buy in Wilson (27896)

Reviewed by RON H.

Opinions Sam's Club in San Diego (92115)

Reviewed by Farrah B.
Managers are very rude! If you ask for any kind of help they look at you like your stupid and are inconvenience them as they go by and grab food from the demo carts. Lines are long and the cashiers are not very well trained or educated. They have a huge employee turn over. No wonder I've been told how... read more

Opinions Save A Lot in Bridgeton (63044)

Reviewed by Nancy P.
Why are all your steaks thin cut now? I used to buy steaks at least once a week, we like our steaks rare and you can't cook a thin cut rare. You have the best steaks and I always bought at lest four . It's very disappointing! Th

Opinions Kmart in Morehead City (28557)

Reviewed by Lillian F.
I traveled to go to morehead city just for one of there employees. Named mary c just to be rude no greeting hello or anything she was acting like she wad in a bad mood i called the store to talk to a manager just to be put on hold and no one answered

Opinions Costco in Albany (97321)

Reviewed by Kimberly M.
Im a very frustrated Costco member, many times I come to the Albany Costco and there is not enough handicap parking spaces for the amount of business you do. Both my knees need replacements and it brings me severe pain to walk. There is NOT enough riding carts as well. I am sitting here in your store right now waiting... read more

Opinions Kmart in Hummelstown (17036)

Reviewed by Frances B.
I have been to your store numerous times and will never go back again. Tried to buy a coffee maker and all stock was out except the kurig. Called and asked if they had Apple charger and yes they do, got there and, no they didn't. Went today and tried to get a key made and after 4 tries I... read more

Opinions Kmart in Bohemia (11716)

Reviewed by Amy M.
i love kmart bohemia!! everyone there is so nice and friendly especially the service desk they really go out of their way to help me out!! great people great deals

Opinions GNC in Brownsville (78526)

Reviewed by Claudia C.
I have not shopped here, My husband has, after today, neither will ever step foot in this store! The girl that answered my phone call was so rude. she lacks customer service skills. I asked for help getting a phone number and she clearly answered with "I don't know" in a rude tone. I continued to ask if she could... read more

Opinions Buckle in Billings (59102)

Reviewed by Ashley B.
I bought a pair of rock revival jeans about six months ago. I bought them because I thought they were of good quality and would last a long time. Since then, holes have worn on the pocket seams and on the thigh and I don't know why. I thought they were a good purchase but apparently not. Not a good... read more

Opinions RadioShack in Rockford (61109)

Reviewed by Jack W.
Thanks for your time helping me

Opinions Albertsons in Emmett (83617)

Reviewed by Sienna M.
The highest prices ever! they totally take advantage of being the only grocery store in Emmett. the monopoly coupons suck too. 50 cents off a twelve dollar cheap hairbrush is nothing!

Opinions Stop & Shop in Woodbury (11797)

Reviewed by Doe J.
I was in your store last month in the early morning hours. I forgot what day it was anyway I took a picture of a young girl who name is Kara standing on top of the beer display throwing up a gang sign with her hands. I would like to remain anonymous cause my daughter works at the same store.... read more

Opinions RadioShack in Brenham (77833)

Reviewed by Nelson K.
email address for RadioShack Brenham is
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